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Expert Witness Representation

Expert Witness

As independent Chartered Building Surveyors and Chartered Valuation Surveyors in Shrewsbury, Silk Sharples Jennings are able to provide professional advice for specialist reports and assessments. We are happy to act as expert witnesses, should you require Court representation in a property or construction dispute.

Unfortunately, residential and commercial property disputes cannot always be settled amicably. With litigation on the rise, it is therefore crucial that property professionals should be able to give in-depth advice on contentious property issues, including valuations and other legal matters.

At Silk Sharples Jennings, we are qualified to offer expert witness representation to the Courts in respect of a wide range of building survey matters. We work closely with colleagues in the legal profession to prepare the appropriate documents for presentation in Court and, where necessary, to make representation in Court on matters such as

  • Residential and commercial property valuations for all purposes, including insurance, taxation, probate and matrimonial
  • Landlord and tenant disputes
  • Freehold valuations and leasehold reforms
  • Building surveys and costs
  • Dilapidations
  • Party wall matters, boundary disputes, rights of way

Expert Witness Reports

Expert witness reports are drawn up to help the Court in matters where specific professional expertise, knowledge and experience is sought. Reports must be unbiased and independent and may be needed for Court, a tribunal, arbitration or other dispute resolution. An expert surveyor report is intended to facilitate the legal process so that the parties can reach agreement and a settlement without having to go through a formal hearing.

Silk Sharples Jennings are expert surveyors and specialists in expert witness representation. We can prepare expert witness reports under the Civil Procedures Rules (CPR), either on behalf of one of the parties in dispute, or as a single joint witness surveyor.

With extensive experience of working closely with other legal experts, we regularly receive enquiries for expert witness representation for a wide variety of property related disputes.


If you require any further information regarding surveyors acting as expert witnesses, or wish to discuss your particular circumstances in confidence, please contact Silk Sharples Jennings on 01743 461 777 and ask for Colin Silk, our Director who specialises in expert witness representation. Alternatively, you can send a short message here.