SSJ Chartered Surveyors

Here are a selection of our past projects so that you can find out a bit more about how our services work in the real world...

Project: Wilkinson House, Telford
Type: Refurbishment
Client: Patrick Burling Developments Ltd
Value: £550,000
Programme: 6 months

We were engaged by the owners  of Wilkinson House to completely refurbish this building, both internally and externally to create a modern look, changing in particular the external appearance of what was regarded as a rather dated and unimposing 1980s office building in the centre of Telford Town Centre

Project: Unit 10 Sinfin Shopping Centre, Derby
Type: New Build
Client: Asda Stores Ltd
Value: £80,000
Programme: 4 months

We were engaged by Asda stores Ltd to carry out the design and project management of the sub-division of an existing shop unit into 3 No. smaller units. Services included the obtaining of all statutory consents, obtaining tenders and managing the project through to completion.

Project: 44-45 High Street & 99 Cartway, Bridgnorth
Type: Refurbishment
Client: Local Shopping Reit Plc
Value: £80,000
Programme: 4 months

The company engaged by L S Reit Plc to carry out a survey of the existing fire precautions provided to this Grade II Listed building. Approval of both the Fire Authority and Conservation Department for upgrading fire precautions and removal of a Statutory Fire Enforcement Notice on the building was obtained.

We were engaged to undertake the design and project management of the work up to completion.

Project: Unitarian Church, Shrewsbury
Type: Refurbishment
Value: £50,000

This scheme involved undertaking a photographic survey of this Grade II Listed property, defect diagnosis, preparation of repair proposals and subsequently preparing specification & drawings for tender purposes.

Project: Quinquennial Condition Report
Type: Refurbishment
Client: Ellesmere College, Ellesmere
Value: £1.9 million

We were engaged by Ellesmere College to produce a quinquennial (five-year) condition report of all the buildings which make up Ellesmere College, prioritising the maintenance work that needs undertaking and giving an estimated cost for each item of work.