SSJ Chartered Surveyors

Commercial Portfolio - Refurbished Properties

Project: Bloxwich Hall, Bloxwich, Walsall
Client: Bloxwich Housing Trust
Value: £78,000
Programme: 6 weeks

The original building comprised a Grade II Listed structure which had been used by a major local IT company as offices. Silk Plant & Associates Limited were instructed by Bloxwich Housing Trust to completely refurbish the interior of the building in consultation with the Local Conservation Officer to improve the office accommodation, create up to date disabled access and to fit security partitions within the public areas.

Silk Plant & Associates Limited undertook a full project design and management service obtaining the necessary statutory consents, obtaining tenders, contract managing the project on site to final completion.

Project: J T Hughes Car Showroom, Oswestry
Value: £100,000
Programme: 2 months

Full project Design & Management service was provided to turn a dilapidated former retail unit into a modern car showroom.

All necessary statutory consents were obtained for the client, followed by the management of a contract to refurbish the building which included both internal and external improvements.

Project: Wilkinson House, Telford
Client: Patrick Burling Developments Ltd
Value: £550,000
Programme: 6 months

We were engaged by the owners  of Wilkinson House to completely refurbish this building, both internally and externally to create a modern look, changing in particular the external appearance of what was regarded as a rather dated and unimposing 1980s office building in the centre of Telford Town Centre

Project: 44-45 High Street & 99 Cartway, Bridgnorth
Client: Local Shopping Reit Plc
Value: £80,000
Programme: 4 months

The company engaged by L S Reit Plc to carry out a survey of the existing fire precautions provided to this Grade II Listed building. Approval of both the Fire Authority and Conservation Department for upgrading fire precautions and removal of a Statutory Fire Enforcement Notice on the building was obtained.

We were engaged to undertake the design and project management of the work up to completion.

Project: Unitarian Church, Shrewsbury
Value: £50,000

This scheme involved undertaking a photographic survey of this Grade II Listed property, defect diagnosis, preparation of repair proposals and subsequently preparing specification & drawings for tender purposes.